Abstract Submission

Instructions for abstract submission

  • All abstracts must be original work.
  • All abstracts must be submitted electronically via the online submission form
  • The abstract body should be short (maximum 250 words), clear, concise, and written in English with correct spelling and good sentence structure.
  • Figures and tables cannot be included and the abstracts should be in plain text submitted through a box in the online system (no need to upload).
  • You will be asked to log in to the online system; use your account data or create a new account.
  • During the submission of the abstract, you will be asked to indicate the conference subtheme of your interest (please check the conference themes here). 
  • The final paper is to be submitted only if the abstract is accepted.
  • The final paper is of the form: 
       (1) an “extended abstract” or
       (2) a “full conference paper”
    Further guidelines will be posted during the final paper submission phase.

Please note that abstract acceptance does not guarantee acceptance of the final paper.

Submission of the final paper (at a later stage) will provide the possibility to apply for the Coleman award.


Get started with your submission

In order to make your first submission you need to make an account. Sign up for first time users, of login if you signed up before. Or login with your Google or Linkedin account.

To get started, click on the Add Submission button to add your first submission. This will open a wizard for you to complete. Make sure you do every page and review the summary at the end before you close the form.

After submission, you will find all your submissions in the right column of your dashboard, here you add a submission, can view or edit your submission(s) and track progress of their submissions.

If you have any question or problem related to the submission process please contact us by email:  info@riverflow2020.org.