Field trips

Preliminary set up Excursions RiverFlow2020

Excursion #1: Room for the River

Depart at 08.00 hours, arrival 17.45.

Tour: Longitudinal training dams – Nijmegen/Lent ‘Spiegelwaal’-project – Control structure Pannerden

We will visit two Room for the River projects and the regulation work at the Pannerden river bifurcation. Room for the River is a 2.3 Billion euro programme in which 39 projects along the Rhine branches have been constructed to decrease the flood risk. The control structure at Pannerden regulates the discharge partitioning at high discharges.

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Excursion #2: Visiting the polders

Depart at 08.00 hours, arrival 16.45

Tour: Schokland-Waterloopbos-Batavia Museum

In this tour we will visit the typical polder landscape of the Netherlands. We visit Schokland, which was once an island in the Southern Sea, and is now part of one of the polders, after the Southern sea became lake IJssel.  We also visit a former location of Deltares, located in one of the polders. In early days, in the surrounding forest, field models were constructed to test the design of harbours and redesign of rivers.

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Excursion #3: Coastal flood defenses

Depart at 08.00 hours, arrival 16.45

Tour: Watersnood museum-Oosterschelde storm surge barrier-Maeslant-barrier

We visit the world famous Delta-works in the south-western part of the Netherlands. The Delta-works were constructed after the disaster in major flood of 1953, to protect the country against storm surges. The history of the Delta-works is explained in the Watersnood museum. We also visit the Measlant-barrier, a construction a large as two Eiffeltowers, that protects Rotterdam and the hinterland from storm surges.

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