Paper Submission

Paper Submission

Important information

  • Please note that abstract acceptance does not guarantee acceptance of the paper.
  • Paper acceptance depends on quality, novelty, quality of written language and presentation.
  • All papers will be reviewed by members of the international scientific committee. 
  • The conference proceedings will be issued as an e-book and papers will receive a DOI.
  • You may apply for the Coleman award when submitting your paper. Please check eligibility.

Instructions for paper submission are the following:

  1. The deadline for paper submission is 20 December 2019.
    FINAL Extended deadline 15 January 2020
  2. The paper is considered only if the abstract has been accepted.
  3. The paper must describe original work.
  4. The paper must be submitted electronically through the online submission system. Log in onto the online system using your account data.
  5. The total length of the paper must be between 2 to 8 pages.
  6. The paper must be written following one of the two templates (MS Word or LaTeX). 
  7. For each paper, a consent to publish form, duly filled and signed, has to be submitted. Click here for the template.


Click on “log in” below to access our online submission page. How this works, please scroll below for more info.

Submitting your full paper

In order to make your submission you need to login if you signed up before. Or login with your Google or Linkedin account.

To get started, click on the Add Submission button to add your first submission. This will open a wizard for you to complete. Make sure you do every page and review the summary at the end before you close the form.

After submission, you will find all your submissions in the right column of your dashboard, here you add a submission, can view or edit your submission(s) and track progress of their submissions.

If you have any question or problem related to the submission process please contact us by email:

After your abstract has been accepted you will need to upload your full paper.

First you will need to head over to the submitters home page. Here you will be able to see all the submissions you have made.

Find the one that has been accepted and click edit.

This will bring up the full paper submission form where you can upload your full paper.

The form may look different for your conference.

You can either drag and drop your document to the designated area or click upload and choose the file from explorer.

Once your paper is uploaded click next to go to the next page of the form. From here the rest of the form should be similar to the abstract form.

On the last page click submit and you will have completed your Full Paper Submission.