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1. Rivers in urbanised areas

Spatial planning of ports and waterfronts

Water quality

Urban flooding and drainage

2. River functions under pressure


Ecosystem services

Transport of water, sediment and ice
Freshwater supply
Salt intrusion
Land-use change, deforestation

3. Climate change and extreme events

Extreme droughts

Extreme floods

Effects of sea level rise

Climate adaptation

Forecasting and early warning systems

4. Nature-based solutions

Role of vegetation

Enhancing resilience


Solutions for impacted environments
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5. The healthy river

River clean-up, plastic and debris

Water-born diseases

Water quality

Flora, fauna and biodiversity
Ecosystem monitoring

6. The digital river

Big data
Numerical modelling


7. River resources: food, energy, water        

Sediment mining
Fresh water supply
Circular economy

8. River fundamentals

Fluid mechanics

Morphodynamics and sediment transport

Experimental techniques

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